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When it comes to Buying or Selling a home in Los Angeles County, the needs of people are different, so I seek first to understand the individual needs of my clients. The first time buyer for example may need….. The Pre-foreclosure/Short Sale Seller that is experiencing financial challenges may need... The Seller moving up, downsizing or relocating may need….The Bank/Asset Management company who needs a property maintained and sold quickly may need...The family who is selling their parents home which they grew up in may need…The seasoned investor who wants a specific return on his/her investment may need... As you can see the needs portion for each of the above scenarios is not complete. Why you ask? Just like you, all these individuals have special needs unique to them, and in order to do the best job for my clients, I must allow YOU to fill in the blank by answering the question …What is most important to you


Buying, Selling, or Investing...What's Most Important To You is Most Important to Me!